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What makes karting so appealing?

Being one design it is ideal for both recreation and competition so that anyone, regardless of age, size or gender can enjoy karting.

Because of its small size and extreme manoeuvrability the blokart can be used almost anywhere - from beaches to car parks, sports and recreation areas, tennis courts even on ice and with the optional Katalyst on the rier or sea.  !

Weighing in at only 29kg the blokart is portable enough to fit in the boot/trunk of most cars. It can be assembled from its unique carry bag in a few minutes with no tools required.

Areas ideal for Blokarting are beaches but be careful you will break the speed limit on the beach, dry lake beds and any open and clean area and if you are on the farm and are manly a grazier then you would have many paddocks that would be perfect for Blokarting.

I have recently had the demo Blokart in a paddock and there was no limit to where you could take it. Starting from one corner Blokarting to the opposite corner and tacking back this proved to be challenging and heaps of fun.

So don’t hesitate to call us today to arrange a time for a lesson or demonstration of Blokarting and see how safe and easy they are to use.

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