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Do you want to Fly?

Step 1- Trial Flight

The first step is to book a Trial Flight with Mallee Microlights.

What better way to experience the thrill of flight than to have your first lesson with a qualified instructor in a two seat microlight. This flight allows you to experience first hand the freedom of flight as you take the controls under the guidance of your instructor.

This represents your first steps towards flying solo, the trial flight is fun and exhilarating and will leave you realizing that it is possible to learn to fly.

To many, the trial flight is the first step towards gaining their pilot certificate (licence) and opening up a whole new lifestyle of flying adventures and regular flying with fellow pilots and freinds. Yet to others the trial flight is a once off experience, a taste of something a little different and another activity to tick off the must do list.

Either way the flight is structured to give the participant both a unique one off experience and sound base upon which to build further flying lessons.

Step 2 - Student Pilot

Having enjoyed your first flight and wishing to continue then the next step is easy, just talk to Matthew at mallee Microlights to book your next lesson depending on the season, a jacket, runners, sunglasses and comfortable warm glove can be a benefit.

A smile will also help but we at Mallee Microlights will do our best to provide you with a good reason to smile.

Cassie learning to fly at age 14





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