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Mallee Microlights provide training for Microlight Pilots in the Mallee region and beyond.

Matthew Walter (Moose) is the proprietor and Certified Flying Instructor at Mallee Microlights.

He has been flying microlights since 1993 and a microlight instructor since 2002.

Students that have come to Mallee Microlights have come from as far away as Broken Hill, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Cadel and Hopetoun just to name a few.

The surrounding areas of Lameroo are flat and mainly cropping which makes good for out field landings and allround safe flying.

Flying traffic arround the area is minimal but radios are still a must.

If your looking for something a little different and you enjoy outdoor activities and love the wind on your face then microlight flying just could be for you.

Its hard to find an activity that does not involve travel and others to practice it, this is where microlighting comes into its own. You can transport and rig a microlight by yourself with the right training from your instructor. It is also easy to hangar as it takes up much less space than the conventional 3-axis aircraft.

Over the years of racing dirt bikes, water skiing, the odd fishing trip and general sport not to mention model aircraft, getting into microlight flying is an activity I can do at my local airfeild or with permission from a land owner with a suitable paddock and enjoy lots of local flights not to mention getting a group together for a cross country adventure.

But if you prefer to have your feet firmly on the ground well let me introduce you to Blokarting

It safe fast and cost absolutely nothing to run, 40 or 50 years ago when go-karts took off it was always the other guy who had more money and would leave you in the dust.

This is where the Blokart comes into it own the speed you create is depending on your skill and it seem the more I practice the quicker I can go  I kart with another blokarter in the area and allot of the time he kicks my butt,  But of late I notice I’m allot more competitive.

So it doesn’t matter if your 14 or 70 years of age microlight flying and Blokarting is reachable so don’t be the one that says in years to come I wish i had a go at that.

So give us a ring, even if its just to have a chat because there's nothing I enjoy better than talking about flying or blokarting.

Enjoy life!


It's not just flying, its a hole new way of life !





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